Pokemon Legends: Arceus Guide (Eevee Evolutions Arceus)!

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Guide (Eevee Evolutions Arceus)

With a new battle system, “a deep yet easier to grasp mythology,” and a new gameplay mechanic that allows players to create their pre-made legends from scratch, Pokemon Legends: Arceus is set to take the current state of Pokémon’s RPG series by storm. That said, it’s worth knowing everything you should know about this game before jumping into Arceus.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus is an action role-playing game that preserves the core gameplay of past entries in the mainline series. Events from the franchise’s past are captured from various sources, including anime, manga, and spin-off games. Many people don’t know about Eevee Evolutions Arceus.

The game also contains nods to previous Pokémon games and references to other properties such as The Legend of Zelda and Dragon Ball Z Movies. Some of these biomes are accessible from other biomes, giving players a vast open world to explore, while others are accessible only after completing specific requirements. These biomes are, in turn, divided into areas, which people can access through the use of the ‘field move’ known as ‘Dimensional Travel.’

Once the player can travel to areas of their own accord, they’ll be able to use another of Arceus’s field moves to travel across them. Field Moves are special powers Pokémon can learn by battling against specific characters or locations. For example, Victini can learn the ‘Victory March,’ allowing them to travel at double speed throughout any area they’ve visited before. Let’s discuss everything you should know about Eevee Evolutions Arceus.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus – All Eeveelutions Guide (Eevee Evolutions Arceus)

The Eevee Evolutions Arceus is always something many Pokemon fans love to collect. These rare Pokémon provide power and charm to anyone looking to complete their Pokedex. The eeveelutions are a group of 9Pokémon, all introduced in Generation 1.

The Eevee line has often been underestimated in recent years. While most of the stats are considered weak, their typing and type-specialized moves make them incredibly flexible in-game. The Eeveelutions are known to be challenging to obtain and raise, but they usually provide value over the long run.

Eevee evolves from Vaporeon and Jolteon, which have relatively weak stats compared to other evolutions. However, their stats are not as bad as many early-game Pokémon like Feraligatr due to their typing and type-specialized moves. Also note that even though these Pokémon lack Attack and Defence stats, they can still take on almost any enemy in battle if the right moves are selected.

With so many evolutions, you might think it’s hard to choose which one is best for you. This guide will help you discover what Eeveelution is best for your Pokemon Legends: Arceus team and explain how to get them.

What Is An Eevee Evolution?

The Eevee Evolutions Arceus is a Pokémon that can evolve into eight different forms. These are known as the Eeveelutions: Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon. All but Sylveon can be obtained by users in the game’s Blue and Yellow versions, released in 1999 on the Nintendo Gameboy system. Vaporeon is the Water/Normal-type version of Eevee; this is the easiest to obtain. It has a reasonably high Attack stat and can take down enemies easily with Tackle and Water Gun.

 It evolves into Jolteon, which has excellent speed, great Special Defense and Attack, and an excellent bulk of HP. It is widely used in competitive battles and has the best standing in the Eeveelution stats. Jolteon can be easily obtained by people early in the game on Route 6, where the user can find it just to the right of the PokeCenter. Using its excellent Speed stat, it can do well against most opponents.


Jolteon is the Fire/Electric-type version of Eevee; it’s a lot easier to raise than Vaporeon but also has worse stats in some areas. A good move for Jolteon would be anything that promotes holding an item and boosts Special Attack. Jolteon has a decent move pool and can learn moves from its previous forms.


The Fire/Normal-type Flareon is the easiest of all Eeveelutions to obtain. It has an above-average Attack stat and will take down any enemy it comes across with Tackle, Quick Attack, and Fire Blast. In addition, Flareon is the first Eeveelution that learns moves from its previous evolution and itself, meaning it will be able to learn most of Jolteon’s move set with some effort.


Espeon’s move pool is similar to Flareon’s but includes a few extra options, such as Confusion. Espeon is an exciting Pokémon with a move pool that people can tailor to suit almost every situation. However, it also has some of the lowest stats in the game. Nevertheless, like Flareon, Espeon will take down enemies easily with moves such as Tackle, Quick Attack, and Focus Punch.


The Dark/Ghost-type Umbreon is one of the hardest Eevee evolutions to obtain. It comes from the final Pokémon in your party and must be protected at all times until sent out. When you send it out, Umbreon has excellent stats but makes a terrible starter due to being weak against any Wild Pokémon encountered in your way.


Leafeon is a Grass/ Fairy-type Eevee evolution and the easiest to obtain. It has perfect Attack and Special Defence stats but low HP and Stamina. However, if you’re looking to take on the most powerful enemies in the game, Leafeon is your best bet, as it holds a move such as Razor Leaf, which will easily take down all of your opponents.


The Ice/Fairy-type Glaceon is an extremely useful Pokémon in-game due to its great Attack, Special Defence and HP. However, it’s weak to joint moves such as Earthquakes and Rock slides. If you are looking for an Eeveelution with good HP, attack, and easy raising, then Glaceon would be a good choice.


Sylveon is the Exclusive Eeveelution in Pokemon Arceus that people in any game cannot capture. Instead, this beautiful Pokémon is given by an NPC at a specific location early on in the game. Sylveon has high Attack and Special Attack stats but low HP and Stamina. Sylveon also has some moves that can boost its stats, similar to Growlithe or Riolu in later games. Finding These Pokemon In-Game

Eevee doesn’t make an appearance in the main story of Pokemon Arceus. It is much easier to obtain in-game, as there are many ways to find Eevee in initial games. Of course, different games have different ways of finding Eevee, but it’s always easy to find one.

 The easiest way to obtain Eevee is by using a Daycare where your Pokémon will be deposited automatically when you wake up. For any NPC to take care of a Pokémon in your daycare, you must have five to ten different Pokémon in your party. In addition, to only being able to deposit one or two at a time, the maximum number that can be there is six.

The above-listed portion discusses everything about Eevee Evolutions Arceus.

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