Princess Cecilie of Greece and Denmark – What Happened to her?

Do you want to know who the Princess Cecilie of Greece and Denmark was?

Her Highness Princess Cecilie of Greece and Denmark was Prince Philip‘s third eldest sister. She was the child of the Grand Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark and the Princess Alice of Battenberg.

Princess Cecilie of Greece and Denmark was born on June 22nd, 1911, at the summer estate of her royal family. She grew up with four siblings, including Margarita, who became queen after marrying Prince Augusteans III in 1925; Theodora (1910 – 1993); Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark. Her brother Prince Philip married Queen Elizabeth II, and that’s how he became the Duke of Edinburgh.

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Princess Cecilie of Greece and Denmark – Married Life and Children

The Greek Royal Family has been one of the most prominent European dynasties for centuries. The famous marriage between Princess Cecilie of Greece and Denmark and the Hereditary Grand Duke of Hesse Georg Donatus took place on February 2nd, 1931, at Darmstadt, Germany. Together they had three children – two boys followed by a beautiful daughter.

They had their first son Prince Ludwig in 1931, followed by their 2nd son Prince Alexander.

The royal family was growing, and soon Princess Cecilie was expecting her third child. She gave birth to a baby girl in 1936, who was known as Princess Johanna.

Prince Ludwig was born in 1931, Prince Alexander in 1933, and Princess Johanna, the youngest, in 1936. According to various sources, they were a happy family, and soon Princess Cecilie was expecting her fourth child.

Princess Cecilie of Greece and Denmark with a crown on head

Princess Cecilie of Greece and Denmark – What Happened to her?

When Princess Cecilie was eight months pregnant and expecting her fourth child, the fate of this family turned out to be devastating. In October 1937, Georg Donatus’ father – Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig von Hessen– died just one year before World War II broke out.

The couple’s wedding plans were in full swing, and on November 16th, November 16th, Princess Cecilie of Greece and Denmark and her entire family, including her husband, mother-in-law, both of her sons, and their nurse, boarded a flight for London. The royal bride-to-be looked stunning as ever when she arrived at St James Palace just days before married Prince Ludwig )Georg Donatus’ brother)

Princess Johanna was left at Darmstadt because she was just a little young girl, and it seems that this may have been partly due to their fear of flying. The Princess Cecilie of Greece and Denmark didn’t want any trouble on her flight, so something about being up high made them more anxious than usual.

When the plane took off, it was pleasant weather, but things took turns quickly and got worse. The extremely foggy clouds made the pilot land near Brussels, but due to the folly clouds, he decided to land at the next airport at Ostende.

But the Ostende Airport in Belgium had dense fog on the day of Princess Cecilie’s flight. The pilot was not able to spot a tall factory chimney. As a result, their wings hit it hard enough to crash into flames before crashing down onto the ground with eleven people on board, including Her Royal Highness, the Princess of Denmark & Greece.

Unfortunately, the plane crashed, and everyone on board died. When the rescue team arrived, they found the dead body of a newly born baby. It is believed that the Princess gave birth to her fourth child during the flight. This might explain why the pilot thought to make an emergency landing.

The funeral was organized in Nazi Germany in Darmstadt. This is the place where the Hesse family is buried.

As Princess Johanna was left behind at the Palace, she was still alive, young, and beautiful. Her uncle Prince Ludwig adopted her, but in the next two years, she died from meningitis on June 14th, 1939. She was also buried at the same place in Darmstadt with her family.

portrait of Princess Cecilie of Greece and Denmark with her signature.

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